What is Google’s Mobile First indexing and why should I care?

What is Google’s Mobile First indexing and why should I care?

Google’s Mobile First Indexing


Google’s algorithm traditionally has looked at the desktop version of your website first as it goes through its algorithm to determine where your site ranks for the search term entered.

Starting as far back as 2016, Google has been changing its algorithm to start with the mobile version of your website when making the ranking determination.  This is mainly because in 2019, 63% of search traffic in the US was done on mobile.

We all know most people today have some version of a smart phone and it is their main connection to the world of the internet.

So what does this mean for you and your website?

Simply, it means that if your website does not respond well on mobile, you will be left behind.

If you have created a new website since July 2019, your site will already be mobile indexed as websites created before this time are being converted to mobile indexing and should be complete now or very soon.

Here is an article from SEM Rush that explains more of the details as to what mobile indexing is and why it is important for you.

Not all is gloom and doom.  Your site may be mobile in nature already.  Do you know for sure?

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